PAA works very hard to deliver value to our clients and separate ourselves from our competitors. In doing so, we have focused on specific key areas that makes our service offering different. With exceptional execution, we have full confidence that our service will exceed expectations.


PAA’s main focus is in buy-side advisory services as opposed to sell-side advisory services. Most of PAA’s competition in this space are traditional M&A firms that focus solely on sell-side advisory, not buy-side. Our core competency is sourcing deals, not just assisting in negotiating and financing the deal once its sourced, but actually bringing proprietary opportunities to our clients.


Often, the process to identify targets is completed by the advisory firm with little input from the client, resulting in a bad fit. Before PAA targets any company, we communicate directly with our clients to obtain their approval and buy in. We make sure our clients know up front whom we are contacting so they can confirm that the company fits their stated criteria. This is very important, as it ensures that we are delivering accurate opportunities.


We share all of the results of our calls with our clients. So not only does our client have the information from the calls, but they have an idea of the meeting to call ratio, which we believe is one of the key metrics to evaluate the performance of the search engagement. PAA is one of the few buy-side advisory firms to share that kind of data.


Most buy-side M&A firms charge a high monthly retainer that can be burdensome, as well as a deterrent to adopting a buy-side search strategy. We believe we have the right formula that provides relief up front that works for both parties.